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Saturday / March 2.
HomemiproductsTearLab Osmolarity System

TearLab Osmolarity System

The TearLab Osmolarity System has been awarded a Medical Device Excellence Award for its in vitro diagnostic design.

TearLab Osmolarity System gives an objective measure of osmolarity that has been proven to be nearly 90 per cent predictable of dry eye disease.According to the manufacturer, the system is especially helpful when patients have symptoms that mimic DED and helps clinicians consider other potential diagnoses.

TearLab claims the system has one of the lowest Coefficient of Variation (CV) values of any point-of-care in vitro diagnostic device with FDA clearance and that it is more than twice as accurate as instruments used at point-of-care for glucose and cholesterol.

While all components of the system are tested prior to leaving the factory, laboratories are also provided with the tools and guidelines to enable regular checks of the system’s accuracy.

For more information contact Designs for Vision (AUS) 1800 225 307.