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Friday / June 14.
HomeminewsCiba Vision: Optom Student Award

Ciba Vision: Optom Student Award

Ciba Vision has announced that it will sponsor an award for students entering their final year of study at all Australian and New Zealand Optometry Schools. The award, to be known as Excellence Beyond Optometry, will offer one student from each Institute a AUD$3,000 financial reward and the opportunity to work in a corporate environment for up to three weeks during their semester break.

Speaking about the award, Mr. Timothy Grant, Regional Head for Professional Affairs said, “… there are those exceptional future optometrists who understand that their career choice is an opportunity not only to improve peoples’ vision, but contribute to the lives of the community they serve. We want to open doors for those students who achieve excellence beyond optometry and help to facilitate their ongoing commitments.

“Examples of ‘Excellence Beyond Optometry’ would include community recognition for charity work, sporting achievements or performance in the Arts. We have no preferred area of service beyond the student being recognised by their peers and community.”

Optometry schools have called for applications which may take any format the students wish to use including videos, news clippings, reference letters and certificates of achievement and recognition. An independent panel at each University will review the applications for the award.

“Ciba Vision is committed to working with students and Universities to ensure undergraduates experience as many aspects of the contact lens industry as possible. This award not only recognises those students who contribute in other ways beyond optometry but will allow them another experience of working in a corporate environment that many have never considered as a career option.” said Matt Oerding, Managing Director Ciba Vision Australia and New Zealand.