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Sunday / March 3.
HomemiproductsRodenstock EyeLT

Rodenstock EyeLT

Rodenstock’s EyeLT delivers two different cylindrical refraction values for distance and near vision in one individual progressive lens.

This makes it possible for astigmatic people who wear progressive lenses to have perfect correction in the distance and near for the first time.

Individual progressive lenses from Rodenstock’s Impression product family are now calculated based on EyeLT technology. In addition to the data acquired from the distance refraction, individual parameters, visual habits and addition, the adjustment astigmatism and Listing’s Law for the close range are also taken into consideration and used in the calculation of the physiologically correct near refraction values.

As a result, Rodenstock claim customers will enjoy considerably improved and larger visual areas up close and optimisation of the intermediate and near ranges. Performance increases of up to 25 per cent in the near range are achievable.