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Thursday / June 13.
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Hoya PC Pro

The ‘PC Pro’ is HOYA’s latest lens designed specifically for regular computer use and near vision tasks.

Hoys says it has been designed for computer users by computer user. PC Pro has a 0.75 diopter digression combined with an asymmetric design, providing superior binocular vision for near vision tasks. The design has extremely low levels of peripheral distortion and extensive fields of view in the near and intermediate. PC Pro is the perfect solution for anyone who regularly uses a computer or laptop, providing enhanced comfort for extended periods of wear.

Over 75 per cent of Australian’s use a computer or the internet on a regular basis. PC Pro can provide the solution to limited depth of vision that many wearers are seeking.

For more information contact your local HOYA sales consultant or phone: (AUS) 1800 500 971.