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Thursday / June 13.
HomeminewsThe New Transitions Optical Radio Ad

The New Transitions Optical Radio Ad

Transitions Optical has just launched its new radio advertisement ‘Bespectacled Genius’.

Hear the new Transitions Optical ad now by clicking here:

The ad will run across the country on popular drive-time radio slots both mornings and afternoons.

Transitions Optical has also just launched its new ‘Inside Out’ media campaign which will feature on panels in all major shopping centre. This consumer campaign is being supported by new ‘Inside Out’ point-of-sale materials that the company says “when prominently displayed will maximise interest in Transitions Lenses in your store”.

If you still haven’t received your new marketing material the company says to “contact your Transitions Optical Account Manager or email us today to request a ‘Point of Sale Order Form’.

“Have a great week, you Bespectacled Geniuses!”