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Wednesday / July 17.
HomemifashionnewsOakley True Digital High-Wrap RX Lenses

Oakley True Digital High-Wrap RX Lenses

Oakley has launched a technical milestone in high-wrap RX prescription lenses: Oakley True Digital and sports performance eyewear: Fast Jacket sunglasses. The innovation giving athletes and sports enthusiasts the best vision possible for their sports performance, Oakley True Digital is a tailor-made eyewear machine.

With traditional prescription lens technology, the curvature of the lenses can result in blurred images, distortion in the periphery, and unbalanced binocular vision. Oakley True Digital digitally tailors lenses for each specific frame and individual prescription, offering a level of visual clarity, acuity and fidelity that athletes and sports enthusiasts require to perform at their best.

Oakley Olympian Ky Hurst wears Oakley RX optics and has experienced firsthand the benefits of ocular care: ‘Since I was young I have suffered from an eye condition called Pterygium, known as surfer’s eye which is caused by spending a lot of time in the water and being exposed to wind and sun for long periods of time. My eyes were sensitive to light and uncomfortable which affected not only my athletic performance but my day to day vision. I started wearing Oakley eyewear as a teenager and ever since my eyestrain has minimised, my vision has improved and my Pterygium has diminished”

While this new technology achieves a wide field of crisp, clear vision in the central view, for the remainder of the lens, the company developed Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology.

I started wearing Oakley eyewear as a teenager and ever since my eyestrain has minimised, my vision has improved and my Pterygium has diminished…

Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology optimises peripheral vision in the mid and far periphery. For the mid
periphery, Oakley’s technology offers balanced binocular vision for better recognition of larger images. The far periphery is optimised by the minimisation of unwanted astigmatism and power error, providing the wearer with better motion detection. Combined, these benefits result in crisp acuity and fluidity of vision – not just straight ahead but across the entire contour of high-wrap lenses.

With Oakley’s high-wrap Fast Jacket design, Oakley True Digital not only offers eyewear specifically for the sports person, but improved protection against sun, wind and impact – a performance essential for athletes.

‘Being a Triathlete it’s important to have eyewear that allows me to perform at my best. Oakley’s light weight Fast Jacket frames are the ultimate for competitive racing. With Switchlock technology I can change lenses quickly and adapt my vision to work with changing conditions. The Hydrophobic lens coating protects my eyes when performing as sweat and any water beads off the lens with no marks for the best clarity for seeing my opponents’ – Courtney Atkinson Oakley Olympic Triathlete.

To top off this state-of-the-art design, Oakley True Digital lenses feature Oakley Hydrophobic coating, a technology that maintains a smudge-resistant barrier while preventing water from leaving streaks and sheens. Beyond the standard features, customers can choose from a wide range of Oakley signature lens colours, and added options include Oakley Iridium® lens coatings that balance light transmission.

For more information contact Jimmy Hendriks on (AUS) 0411 244 002 or email [email protected]