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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsSignificant Resignations at the OAA

Significant Resignations at the OAA

In a significant shift for the optical profession, both Michael Knipe and Joe Chakman have resigned their positions with the Optometrists Association of Australia.

Mr. Knipe has resigned as Chairman and Director of the National Board while Mr. Chakman has resigned his position as CEO of the Association.

Mr. Chakman was CEO at the OAA for an impressive three decades. An announcement released by the OAA said that during this time “his impact on the association and optometry has been immense. He has played a vital role in shaping the association and has led it and the profession through many changes and crises.” Genevieve Quilty, who was appointed Deputy CEO in May this year, and manages the Canberra office of the Association, will replace Mr. Chakman as Acting CEO.

Mr. Knipe, who was credited by the OAA as having “shown great commitment and care in furthering the work of the association and the profession”, has been replaced by Andrew Harris.

In other movements, Tony Hogan has stepped down from his position as New South Wales National Director and been replaced on the National Board by John Davis. In August, Andrew Hogan resigned from his role as Tasmanian National Director. Tim Powell has been appointed by Tasmania Division as a National Director.