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Sunday / May 19.
HomemifashionnewsBeaming with Colour and Light

Beaming with Colour and Light

For those who are bored with tortoiseshell and black, Kirk Originals has launched a new collection that is, well, nothing short of highly original!

The French made Beam and Sunbeam collections, launched at SILMO to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, are crafted from acrylic. While the company’s designers have been working with acrylic temples since the late 1990s, this is the first collection to feature acrylic fronts.

Brilliant hues merge and separate in tones of fluorescent orange, yellow, pink and aqua, playing together to form a unique, personalised identity for each frame. Shapes are oversized with soft lines and curves to emphasise these stunning colour combinations.

Speaking of the new collections, Jason Kirk, a co-founder of Kirk Originals said, “to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2012, we wanted to launch something really special. Beam is unique, combining technical advancement with aesthetic beauty.”