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Monday / May 20.
HomemiequipmentEnsuring Satisfaction

Ensuring Satisfaction

There’s no doubt that any customer who walks through your doors will have ‘an experience’, but as an eye care practitioner, it’s in your best interests to ensure that each customer has a great experience. HOYA TrueSight video centration dispensing system enables eye care professionals to enhance customer satisfaction through engagement, education and 3D interactive demonstrations, so that they leave your practice feeling extremely satisfied.

Your customers’ experience is not only based on receiving the end purchase. It encompasses a whole variety of aspects that include quality, trust, customer care, your product range and selection, service features, reliability and ease of use. Together, all of these aspects should add up to absolute satisfaction.

That’s important because, according to a recent study by the Harvard Business Review, there are only two types of ‘satisfied customer’: ’emotionally’ satisfied and ‘rationally’ satisfied.

‘Rationally’ satisfied customers can behave just like unsatisfied customers – they will switch product, service or supplier without a moment’s hesitation. Not the ones you want!

…emotionally satisfied customers are the people that have great experiences, and will remain loyal

On the other hand, ’emotionally’ satisfied customers are the people that have great experiences, and will remain loyal. Importantly for your practice, this loyalty will deliver returns in terms of long term profitability and an increased client base.

Education and Engagement

In the past, many in the optical profession have left customer experiences to chance. Now, faced with an increasingly competitive sales environment, it’s time for change.

One way to enhance satisfaction is to engage and educate customers during the dispensing process so they understand their vision impairment and have a greater sense of involvement when it comes to choosing spectacles to meet their needs. HOYA has developed TrueSight, a video centration dispensing system to do just that, it allows the Dispenser or the Optometrist to communicate the value of purchasing a product based on its attributes, and not just on the price of the product.

HOYA explains that TrueSight enables eye care professionals to enhance customer satisfaction through engagement, education and 3D interactive demonstrations.

Optometrists can use TrueSight to engage the patient in the selection of their spectacles, giving them the chance to learn as little or as much as they choose about their vision along the way, and to understand how it can be improved.

This state-of-the-art dispensing system takes photos of the patient with their frame of choice, or gives them the option to see how they look with different frame options. The system also includes functions to superimpose various lens options (such as AR coating and tinting colours) on a photographic image of the patient. In doing so, the patient can see and choose from the different looks that can be achieved.

Additionally, TrueSight uses 3D animation to illustrate the advantages of different materials (lens thickness and lens weight) and compare progressive lens designs.

Eye care practitioners can also use the system as an educational process to help explain and demonstrate what is happening with the patients’ eyes.

Importantly, from a dispensing point of view, TrueSight captures exact centration data automatically within 15 seconds.

The high resolution of the device means that the points taken from each image are of the utmost accuracy. This fast and accurate measurement taking increases efficiencies and, as a result, reduces returns due to poor measurement data.

Integrating Is Important

HOYA explains that the key to unlocking the benefits of TrueSight is to integrate it into the entire consultation and dispensing process for every patient, including progressive, bifocal and single vision lens wearers, no matter what their prescription is.

While HOYA recommends eye care professionals use TrueSight for every step of the consultation and dispensing process, it can also be used for any one step along the way.