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Saturday / July 2.
HomeminewsEssilor Drawn into Carbon Debate

Essilor Drawn into Carbon Debate

The Federal Opposition’s campaign against the carbon tax has taken in the optical industry, with a visit to Essilor’s Queensland lab that saw OppositionLeader Tony Abbott try his hand at making his own specs.

After some basic training in edging, tracing and fitting, the Opposition leader put together some spectacles for himself.

No doubt hoping for a more professional job than the frames he made, Mr. Abbott took the opportunity for an eye test, with Essilor promising to produce and fit the required lenses.

Speaking after the tour, Mr. Abbott said Essilor was “typical of the many businesses right around Australia that are doing it tough and will do it much harder under a carbon tax”.

Local MP Teresa Gambaro described Essilor as a “great local company producing world-class lenses …

Local MP Teresa Gambaro described Essilor as a “great local company producing world-class lenses … that are responsible for 65 per cent of the market”.

For its part, Essilor said it would keep a local presence in all Australian states.

“Over the last few years, there has been a trend of optical lens manufacturers sending processes off shore. This is not limited to just lens casting, but also some edging, fitting and coatings. Essilor are determined to keep a local presence in all states offering specialist services that optometrists need to maintain their patients’ eye health,” the company said.


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