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Sunday / June 16.
HomeminewsISCLS Congress Provides Feast of Education

ISCLS Congress Provides Feast of Education

The 41st International Society of Contact Lens Specialists (ISCLS) Congress was held in Santander, Spain in May this year. According to West Australian optometrist Damon Ezekiel from Ezekiel Eye Life, it was a hugely educational and informative event.

The 2011 Congress was hosted at the Hotel Real, a palatial establishment perched on a hill overlooking the Bay of Santander. With a varied education program, an enriching social agenda and a spectacular environment, this was a Congress like no other.

During the education program delegates learned in great detail from experts Paul Kusy and Caroline Burnett-Hodd about the amazing benefits of the hybrid Synergeyes Contact Lenses.

Multifocal Story

Later, John De Carle told the fascinating story of the discovery and evolution of the Multizone Multifocal Contact Lenses. Interestingly, Mr. De Carle’s initial request to a contact lens lab to manufacture a specific lens design didn’t work. However, he later discovered that the problem had nothing to do with his design – the lab had not produced to his specifications. Following months of persistence and determination, he finally had the multifocal lens design correctly manufactured by a different lab… and it worked!

The Pioneer Honour Lecture was presented by William J. Benjamin and encapsulated his ongoing research – Physiological Peculiarities of the Ocular Surface.

The Pioneer Honour Lecture was presented by William J. Benjamin and encapsulated his ongoing research – Physiological Peculiarities of the Ocular Surface.

Following presentations by John Laurent, Ralph Stone, David Hansen and Arthur Epstein, a very topical debate ensued about corneal staining. The debate continued onto a boat cruise and into the night when, due to uncertainty about the concept of corneal staining, all four presenters formed an impromptu round table in an attempt to clarify the issue.

Presentations regarding lack of contact lens compliance from Daniel Nosch and Josh Josephson were very informative and generated much discussion. As was a topical presentation on the question of ‘Permanent contact lens wear – should we reject it?’ presented by the Congress Chair, Albert Franceschetti.

During the congress, delegates attended lectures about the “Evolution of Our Contact Lens Practice” and also “Soft Lenses, The First 50 Years” from Nigel Burnett Hodd and Tim Bowden.

Dry eye presentations were led by Richard Davis, who went on to be awarded the society’s prestigious Herschel Medal at the Gala Dinner.

In a very informative presentation, Greg Denaeyer, President of the Scleral Lens Society, discussed the Modern Scleral Contact lens.

There were many other contributors to the Education Program, including Helmer Schweitzer, Carlos Tellez, Neil Cox, Armin Duddek, Michal Baertschi, Jerome Garber, Eduard Bosshard, Bert Corwin, Damon Ezekiel and a special guest from Barcelona, Jaime Paune, who presented his practice results of the Clinical Performance of a New Peripheral Refraction GP lenses for Myopia Stabilisation.

As always, the social side of the Congress was fabulous and the networking invaluable to all attending contact lens specialists.

The 42nd Congress of the ISCLS will be held in Ashford, Kent UK, in early September 2012. For details, visit www.iscls.net