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Friday / May 24.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 62, October 2011

mivision Issue 62, October 2011

You would think that with a female Prime Minister and a female Governor General that gender equality in the workplace would be a non-issue in 2011. Guess again. Much of the commentary on Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been surprisingly personal. It makes you wonder whether that’s due, at least in part, to her gender, and not just her politics and performance.

Combine this observation with statistics that show women are still under-represented on company boards and in senior management, and reports that some female executives (yes, even in the optical industry) are still being verbally and emotionally abused for their decisions… and it seems that some from the very old guard still believe that might is right.

So how are we doing in the optical professions and associated industries? We have a wealth of female talent, so we spoke to these leaders in our industry about their experiences and share some of their valuable advice, for both women and men, about having a successful career.

Our CPD articles have been hugely successful with more than 1,000 optoms logging onto the mivision website to earn CPD points. This month’s CPD accredited article discusses Asthenopia. Because of our increasing reliance on technology, you’re likely to see more patients presenting with eyestrain and other symptoms of Asthenopia as a result of an increase in the number of near vision tasks. This is really a ‘must read’ article.

There’s plenty of breaking news in this issue. October, of course, means World Sight Day (13 Oct), so be sure to take the Challenge and get behind this important cause. Take a look at our analysis of the recently released Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey of ‘Optometry and Optical Dispensing Services’. It’s the first snapshot of our profession taken in more than a decade. When you look at this against the first and only other ABS study of our industry in 1997-98, it makes for an interesting examination and discussion.

We also report on a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) crackdown on a global online contact lens retailer, operating from a warehouse in Sydney. The sale of contact lenses that don’t fully comply with Australian regulations has huge implications. You’ll hear a lot more about this issue in the weeks and months to come.

Our business section is packed with information on strategies to improve your practice’s bottom line. One article I’d like to bring to your attention is our story on how to manage emotional patients. Written by a talented team of final year optometry students from the University of New South Wales, it is very well researched and shows the future of our profession is in good hands.

Finally, I have got to mention the stunning photograph of children in Papua New Guinea learning about eye health. Presented in our centre pages, the picture was taken by the outrageously talented Dean Saffron. It is one of the most captivating eye care images to land on my desktop in some time.


Mark Cushway- Editor


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