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Wednesday / May 22.
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Mobilux Digital

The Mobilux Digital electronic magnifier has been developed for people whose need has progressed to greater levels of magnification and increased levels of contrast enhancement.

For example, the Mobilux Digital gives 3X (equivalent to +12 diopter) and 6X (equivalent of +24 diopter) across 75mm, binocularly, and can be used at any working distance. This is impossible using optical magnification.

Additionally, with Mobilux Digital, contrast can be enormously enhanced. For example, the contrast killing grey or black print on yellow paper of the the Yellow Pages telephone book can, at the press of a button, be rendered absolute black on absolute white. The print can be reversed to convert black-on-white, to white-on-black.

Mobilux Digital is in the format of the Mobilux Optical magnifier so low vision patients who are already familiar with this system will instantly adapt.

For more information, phone European Eyewear (AUS) 03 9877 7956.