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Monday / May 20.
HomemifashionTechnology Behind the Eyewear Behind the Wheel

Technology Behind the Eyewear Behind the Wheel

In a country where a drive from one city to the next can take days and thousands of kilometres through extremes of weather, you’d think every person behind the wheel would be wearing driving eyewear, yet, it only accounts for about 8 per cent of all spectacle sales. We spoke with leaders in this segment about how grow this market, the technology behind the eyewear, the eyewear designs and benefits for your customers.

It was hard to focus on the road this morning – the sun was low and blinding, the kids argued over who knows what, the breakfast presenter bemoaned the demise of our economy, speed zones changed every few hundred metres and I was bombarded by billboard advertising. Just a typical start to the day you may say, but doesn’t it make you think… it’s a miracle that we get anywhere in one piece!

There’s no doubt that driving, even under the best conditions, is an extremely complex and demanding task. The main tool we use to cope with all these driving challenges is vision. Yet vision is also pushed to the limits when we’re on the road. It takes about a quarter of a second to process and react visually to a driving incident, and if you are traveling at 95kmph, that translates to about 700 centimetres! Clearly we need all the help we can get… which is why driving sunwear was designed in the first place.

When light is reflected from smooth surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, vehicle windshields and even bonnets, it creates an intensity of light experienced as glare, which can reduce concentration and bring on fatigue.

Today’s driver sunwear offers a wonderful variety of polarised sunglasses that extends from the ultra conservative to the uber cool

Just as the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon during a lunar eclipse, quality driver’s lenses protect the eyes from that intense glare as well as harmful UV rays while driving. They also enhance objects caught in shadow.

Correctly fitted, drivers’ eyewear can reduce the incidence of headaches, fatigue and accidents for long distance truck drivers, professional drivers or anyone who spends time on the road for work or play.

Growing Interest in Technology

Australia’s leading distributors of drivers eyewear all agree that while consumers are interested in the fashion appeal of their glasses, those who spend time on the road have come to realise the importance of protecting their eyes while driving.

“The majority of our Drivewear customers are men, aged 40 years plus and they’re increasingly aware that sunglasses are more than just a fashion item,” said Michael McInerney Managing Director (Asia Pacific) of Younger Optics. “They understand that driver sunglasses provide greater safety and reduce eye fatigue when driving a car.”

Kim Reynan, Managing Director of the Australian eyewear company Spotters agrees. “Consumers are not just going by the looks of a sunglass but by what function and benefit it has to offer them. They are rapidly becoming more educated in technology.”

“Our customers are well travelled, affluent and adventurous. They’re prepared to pay the price for technology that calms and relaxes their eyes so they can get the most out of the journey ahead of them,” added Dani LaGace, Serengeti’s Global Eyewear Marketing and Product Director.

That’s not to say that consumers are more interested in functionality than fashion appeal. Far from it! Instead, they’re demanding a fusion of form and function – and eyewear designers are delivering. Today’s driver sunwear offers a wonderful variety of driving eyewear that extends from the ultra conservative to the uber cool, each with something different to offer in terms of style and technology.