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Friday / May 24.
HomemiproductsYounger Visual Armour Lenses

Younger Visual Armour Lenses

Visual Armour lenses are the culmination of decades of work by Younger Optics’ award winning research and development team.

From its genesis in the military, Visual Armour lenses provide unparalleled protection and visual acuity by use of both its NuPolar polarisation technology and its Trilogy material properties. This patented new development brings together great optics and impact resistance with protection from blinding glare and UV in a thin and lightweight lens to provide the ultimate in Rx sun wear.

Each year, the Optical Laboratories Association in America (OLA) presents highly respected Awards of Excellence in several key categories to recognise outstanding contributions in the optical field. Last year, Visual Armour was the winner of this award in the category of Best in Lens Materials.

For further information contact Younger Optics: (AUS) 08 8351 4755