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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsProf. Evans Returns to Lecture in Australia

Prof. Evans Returns to Lecture in Australia

Click here to download a PDF of the Lecture

Professor Bruce Evans, vision scientist and Director of Research at the Institute of Optometry in London and visiting professor at City University and London South Bank, will visit Australia in February 2012.

He will deliver a presentation at the University of New South Wales for the Optometrist’s Association of New South Wales. For the first time he will lecture in Perth, at the invitation of the Optometrist’s Association of Western Australia.

Prof. Evans will speak on issues relating to children’s vision and specific learning difficulties, including the researched condition of Visual Stress, frequently the cause of reading problems in dyslexia and the remedy of specific precision tinted lenses in reading problems and photosensitive migraine.

In addition to his work as director of research with the Institute of Optometry in London and visiting professorships, Prof. Evans has a successful private practice that includes a specific learning difficulties clinic where he uses the Intuitive Colorimeter. He contributed to establishing clinical protocols in the UK and elsewhere for the treatment of visual aspects of specific learning difficulties successfully within community optometric practice. Prof. Evans lectures extensively overseas and has authored many books and papers.

He is part of the parliamentary lobbying team in the UK, which has pressured successive governments for state funding of precision tinted lenses and coloured overlays. The team recently achieved agreement from the coalition government to encourage the inclusion of information on visual stress in dyslexia training for specialist teachers throughout the UK.

At the time of mivision going to press an application for CPD assessment was underway and the organisers expect to have this confirmed by the time of the lecture dates.