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Wednesday / May 22.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 63, November 2011

mivision Issue 63, November 2011

Our main story this issue is on a topic of great conjecture – how many optical retail doors and what is their market share in Australia?

There’s no doubt that reliable industry data is crucial for business planning – whether you’re in eyewear or eye care at a manufacturing, wholesale or retail level.

Yet we’ve found that the country’s four main sources of data – the Australian Bureau of Statistics, IBISWorld, Medicare and ODMA – have wildly different views on the number of optical doors in Australia, on who has market share, and on revenue generated by the industry.

So who’s right? Who knows where we are at as an industry?

So who’s right? Who knows where we are at as an industry?

According to our investigations, the answer is ‘no-one’ and from the conversations we’ve had with industry leaders, this lack of accurate and decent data is a constant source of frustration.

We didn’t think that was good enough, so after weeks of interviews, analysis and crunching the numbers, we’re presenting our own data. Yes, we know we have opened ourselves up to criticism, but we believe our methodology is sound.

Our data indicates that in the two-year period we reviewed, not only has the number of corporate optical doors grown but so too has the total number of independents. This may come as a surprise because the noise over the past two years has been to the contrary. Perhaps it is a case of the multinationals speaking into a megaphone, while the independents have yet to find a collective voice?

What isn’t in dispute is the split of market share. While both the independents and Luxottica (which remains the number one player in terms of size) have reduced their stake, Specsavers, which has grown by approximately 20 per cent in this time, appears to have taken the difference.

Our accredited CPD articles continue in this issue, with two opportunities to boost your point tally. Dr. Laura Downie reviews the clinical characteristics of keratoconus and corneal collagen crosslinking treatment while the internationally renowned Dr. Gregory W. DeNaeyer looks at what you’ll need to do clinically, as technology develops, to advance vision care in the future.

This issue is packed with features, news and information – covering household eye injuries, fashion, optometry, business, the recent World Glaucoma Congress in Paris and more – but you won’t want to miss our coverage of China’s International Optics Fair. We sent journalist Melanie Kell to Beijing and she came back with a fascinating report and pictures from one of the world’s most colourful optical industry exhibitions. China is already a giant optical market, but it’s still growing rapidly.

Also, feast your eyes on our exclusive preview of the photographic exhibition Fred Hollows: A Global Vision. Featuring the work of internationally recognised photographers, this display is a tribute to the extraordinary life of one of our greatest Australians.


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