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Wednesday / May 22.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 64, December 2011

mivision Issue 64, December 2011

The arrival of another online spectacle retailer in the shape of the awkwardly named Sneaking Duck could force practice owners and staff to take a more proactive customer focussed and innovative approach to dispensing.

This cheeky Australian owned start-up says it is providing consumers with a low cost alternative to ‘cool eyewear’ that will enable them to purchase several frames at a lower price. All they need to do is “ask the optometrist that you visited most recently for a copy of your prescription”.

It begs the question – what can independents, the more traditional source of high fashion frames – do to retain their customers and kerb the flood of scripts leaving their practice.

…what can independents, the more traditional source of high fashion frames – do to retain their customers and kerb the flood of scripts leaving their practice

Service, professional expertise, choice are, of course, the answers. But how can you do this operating from the pressure-pot of the city retail environment?

While many city based optoms need to focus on high turnover to cover costs, in regional Australia, that doesn’t need to be the case. While demand for eye care services is high, the costs of running a business are lower and the slower pace of life means optoms get to spend more time providing higher quality services – and making a real difference to the eye health of their patients. In our main story for this issue, Optoms Beyond the Dividing Range; we talk to a handful of eye care professionals who are enjoying the professional and personal advantages of working and living in regional Australia.

Not so long ago, optoms working in regional areas needed to visit metropolitan areas to maintain their professional education. These days, 56 of the 80 CPD points required every two years can now be achieved though mivision’s distance learning program. Launched in July this year, it has attracted over a thousand optoms who have completed more than 450 CPD modules a month.

In this issue, we publish two CPD articles, each worth two CPD points. Professor Nathan Efron, in conjunction with Suzanne Efron and Dr. Philip Morgan, report on the Science of Compliance – the way in which Australian contact lens wearers adhere – or not – to recommendations of their contact lens manufacturers and optometrists. Additionally, Jenny Saunders, optometrist and consultant to the ophthalmic industry, writes about the psychology of presbyopic patients – a disease that affects most people over the age of 45 around the world.

Also in this edition, we head overseas to check out the latest eyewear trends exhibited at Silmo and take a look at the classic Italian brand, Serengeti, much favoured by Pope Benedict XVI.

As 2011 draws to a close and we begin to plan for the New Year, business consultant John Lees provides useful tips on how to measure team performance – then use the results to help your practice achieve success. Along with some of our other contributors, in our feature, ‘So This is Christmas’, John’s suggestion for cutting costs this year is to purchase shattered glass in bulk, put it into gift packs and send them to people he knows… hmmm, hopefully I’m not on that list.

I hope you enjoy this, our last edition of mivision for 2011, that your festive season is joyful and your New Year healthy and prosperous.

Mark Cushway



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