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Wednesday / May 22.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 65, February 2012

mivision Issue 65, February 2012

Business has changed. They said it would, and it has, but not in the way most expected. For the past few years those with the biggest market share and others hoping to knock them off have waged a marketing and communications war. Although the intensity might wane, it’s not going to end soon.

In a risk-averse market, to be the “most trusted” and “most recognised” is very valuable – particularly as online retailers increasingly add to the competition with promises of more choices, lower prices and, to top it off, home delivery.

But, as business consultant Mark Overton says, traditional independent businesses can help themselves with cost-effective marketing and public relations. You don’t need a massive bank balance to be heard; you just need to be savvy.

Mark and I grabbed a coffee a few weeks back and discussed what optoms can do to find their own voice and reach more customers. He said, “If you can look after your local patch, that’s probably enough to sure up your success – you only have to be better than the guy at the other end of the shopping centre”.

We think the challenge this year is threefold:

  1. Understand what you do for your customers will win or lose you the game.
  2. Know the ‘Vision’ for your business and stick to it, then work hard to create that real competitive advantage.
  3. Develop and implement a practical plan that communicates your advantage to your market.

The big guys have deep pockets to invest in massive national campaigns. They’re not only out to create awareness and rattle each-other, they also want to rattle you! Don’t be consumed by it. Focus on your local community with service and communication, and they’ll promote your business for you.

Local direct marketing, backed up by exceptional service, can work wonders. Yes, it takes constant effort, but really, it’s essential – we’re in a competitive market and it’s only going to get tougher. Change is inevitable. If you don’t make a decision to change, you’ll either be forced to, or you’ll become irrelevant, then extinct.

It’s an issue we look at in ‘Shifting Scripts’, our lead article in this edition of mivision. As customers increasingly request their scripts so they can shop online or at a discount retailer, your service and the way you communicate could determine your success.

This issue we travel to Malawi in Africa, where that country’s first optometrists will graduate from the local university this year. As you read this story, I’ll be working with Optometry Giving Sight in East Timor observing Dr. Nitin Verma, Dr. Andreas Kreis and the rest of the incredible East Timor Eye Program team provide primary eye care services and train local staff. I look forward to reporting on this work in our March issue.

Our CPD articles look at the latest research to make a difference to global eye care and we discuss how communicating clearly and appropriately with contact lens patients can significantly increase compliance, reduce practice time and increase profits.

It’s all here – and much more – in our first edition of mivision for 2012.


Mark Cushway


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