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Tuesday / May 21.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 67, April 2012

mivision Issue 67, April 2012

There are so many negative comments about Gen Y – those now in their teens to early 30s – they’re regarded as impatient, outspoken, incapable of commitment. While some of these assertions may be true they’re also highly educated and media savvy, they eagerly embrace new and emerging technologies and are passionate about being able to help people and change lives.

So what does this mean for optometry? As Deakin School of Optometry opens its doors to its first intake of students and Melbourne University celebrates its first year of the postgraduate Doctor of Optometry course, we look at the next generation of optometrists.

By all accounts they’re enthusiastic, ambitious, eager to explore all their chosen profession can offer and they’re ready for the challenge. We predict that in years to come, they’ll be changing the practice of optometry in very positive ways.

With a population of 1.4 billion people, China’s optical market is bigger than anything you can possibly imagine. We sent our writers to China recently to look at the ‘sleeping dragon’ from two different perspectives: manufacturing in Asia and the Shanghai International Optical Fair (SIOF).

As Deakin School of Optometry opens its doors to its first intake of students and Melbourne University celebrates its first year of the postgraduate Doctor of Optometry course, we look at the next generation of optometrists

The Shanghai event is massive – and growing. While it’s not as mature as the European, American and Australian markets, conservative Chinese tastes are changing and the influence of cashed-up, fashion-conscious Gen Y’s is starting to show.

China’s manufacturing of optical products is also brimming with opportunities. Yes, you can obviously get the cheap and cheery low-end products, but standards have been improving for years and it is being reflected in their production at the premium end. And, as production improves, so too will prices and the rise of Chinese workers as they demand higher wages.

Our CPD articles are proving extraordinarily popular and in this edition, we provide you with the chance to earn up to four CPD points.

Read the articles, then log into our website to answer the questions. It’s that simple!

In this issue, Drs. Gary Orsborn and Srini Venkatesh look at contact lens compliance. Patient compliance with recommended lens cleaning protocols is essential to minimize complications with contact lenses – and lens disinfection is a vital component of the process. The article is worth two CPD points.

Nicole Carnt – optometrist and PhD candidate – is a regular contributor to mivision. Her research interests centre on personality and genetics – two different, but related, factors that influence the risk of eye infection in contact lens wearers. This month, she explores how the genetics of eye disease will impact on clinical practice in the future. Again, this article is worth two CPD points.

Other reports in this issue consider space age vision research, new treatments for diabetic retinopathy and our love/hate relationship with spectacles.

As always, mivision is first with the fashion news. We were (literally) caught in the crush at Shanghai as Paris Hilton was mobbed when she launched her new sunglass range at the SIOF; we bring you a snapshot of ksubi’s new range and preview some other hot styles from here and abroad.

There is all this and so much more in this issue of mivision.


Mark Cushway, Editor

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