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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsHoya Resumes Normal Trading

Hoya Resumes Normal Trading

Hoya Lens Australia has resumed normal trading following the completion of a technology upgrade and expansion of its Sydney laboratory. Additionally, the company’s Thailand Super Lab, which has been closed since October 2011 due to damage caused by devastating floods in the region, has reopened and is online to support the Australian business.

Brad Bairstow, Managing Director of Hoya Lens Australia, said the expansion of Hoya Laboratory in Sydney has enabled the company to increase its production capacity and its focus on high technology products.

“New state-of-the-art FreeForm surfacing and AR coating systems have been fully commissioned,” said Mr. Bairstow. “This means we now have increased local capacity and, for the first time in Australia, we can produce iD FreeForm products and industry leading Diamond Finish coatings as well as SFT lenses.” Previously Hoya produced a limited range of SFT lenses locally. Diamond Finish lenses were exclusively manufactured in Thailand.

Mr. Bairstow said all of these products can be ordered with normal delivery times. However, he said, grind products are no longer available with Easy Tint coating. Instead they come standard with Super Hard coating. “For tinted jobs, a far superior result is achieved by applying the tint first and then encapsulating the lens in a Super Hard coating,” said Mr. Bairstow.

The new system enables us to automatically process and manage orders through all of our international facilities…

Further Expansion to Sure Up Supply

As well as expanding its Sydney laboratory and re-opening its Thailand Super Lab, Hoya Lens will expand laboratories in strategic locations around Asia Pacific. This is aimed at avoiding a repeat of the supply crisis that hit the company when major floods damaged the Thailand laboratory in 2011.

”We’ve lost a lot of business due to the Thailand crisis… Continuity of supply in the future for our local customers is essential to rebuild. With manufacturing capacity in Australia, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, we’ll no longer be reliant on one facility,” said Mr. Bairstow.

The company has developed a completely automated ordering facility to integrate its global laboratories. “The new system enables us to automatically process and manage orders through all of our international facilities,” he said. “It’s an exciting step forward that to a great degree will future proof the company.”

Mr. Bairstow said he has greatly appreciated the support shown to Hoya by loyal customers during what has been a “very difficult period” for the company.