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Saturday / July 2.
HomeminewsVision Australia Gives Independence

Vision Australia Gives Independence

Vision Australia is offering services and support to help vision impaired people live independently in the community. One Australian who has benefited from the group’s exciting program is Juan Salgado, who recently moved to Broadbeach.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Juan was diagnosed with glaucoma 10 years ago but his vision only began to deteriorate significantly in the past two years. Now he has 20-30 per cent remaining. While he was reluctant to accept support from Vision Australia at first, he is now realising the advantages of doing so.

“When I moved up to the Gold Coast I decided to give them a call. They showed me how to use things like a magnifying glass and a big phone, and that was a great help. They introduced me to other people who are blind as well and that has be good too,” said Mr. Salgado.

“Training to use a cane was one of the biggest steps for me, learning how to tap things and feel where I am going. Vision Australia gave me great support,” he said.

When his vision deteriorated, Mr. Salgado had to give up his work in construction. However, he recently completed a Certificate III in Aged Care and now works at the Multicultural Respite Centre in Ashmore.


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