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Thursday / May 19.
Homeminews9GA Targets Corporate Responsibility

9GA Targets Corporate Responsibility

In a first for the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, a session on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will be included in the program for the 9th General Assembly and organisers have invited eye care professionals to submit ideas for discussion. The initiative recognises the importance of CSR in breeding customer loyalty, increasing profits and enhancing recruitment, staff retention and motivation.

The ideas will be discussed by a panel that includes Claude Darnault, Chief Sustainability Officer at Essilor (France); Caroline Roan, Vice President for Corporate Responsibility / President of The Pfizer Foundation (USA); and Standard Chartered Bank representative, Karuna Bhatia, Head of Sustainability (India and South Asia); and a representative from TOMS (USA) who will share their experience with the One for One campaign.

Karuna Bhatia will highlight the success of ‘Seeing is Believing’ (SiB), Standard Chartered Bank’s partnership with IAPB and other leading eye care NGOs, which has raised over US$32 million since 2003 and helped more than 20 million people.

“Whether it’s providing financial or in-kind support, CSR plays a critical role in national eye care systems. Less understood though is the considerations businesses take into account before entering into private/public partnerships. During the symposium, leaders in the field will explore the theory and practice of CSR, highlight key public/private partnerships and discuss ways in which the private sector, governments, NGOs and others might partner more effectively in the future,” said Phillip Albano, Manager, Sight Programs Department, Lions Clubs International Foundation and Coordinator of the CSR Panel.

Whether it’s providing financial or in-kind support, CSR plays a critical role in national eye care systems.

The CSR panel discussion is one of 40 courses, keynote lectures and symposia discussing new approaches and practical solutions to improving eye care. The 9GA will also examine progress towards the goal of VISION 2020: The Right to Sight (IAPB’s joint initiative with the World Health Organisation for the elimination of avoidable blindness).

The 9th General Assembly will take place in Hyderabad, India from 17-20 September 2012.

.Suggestions for CSR discussions can be submitted on Facebook (www.facebook.com/vision2020/iapb or via Twitter (www.twitter.com/vision2020_1apb). To register or to find out more about the Assembly go to: www.9ga.iapb.org


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