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Sunday / July 14.
HomeminewsMcCann Invests in State-of-the-Art Technology

McCann Invests in State-of-the-Art Technology

Australian optical parts wholesaler, McCann Optical Parts, has invested in a state of the art AUD$165,000 high-resolution, full colour printer for printing spectacle cases in Australia.

The specialised printer – which had to be lifted into place by crane – was installed in McCann’s Carrum Downs factory in early October. Since then, the company has been operating it for nearly 12 hours a day,
to fill pre-orders.

McCann Managing Director Greg McCann said the printer is a huge improvement on previous technology, which relied on pad or screen printing.

“The old fashioned technology allowed printing of one case at a time, in one colour at a time. This machine is like a huge inkjet computer, that allows us to print anything – even photos – on spectacle cases in full colour,” he said.

It’s a great opportunity to earn return business as it allowed optoms to keep their name in the customers’ minds…

Mr. McCann said the images are cured in the printing process, which means they won’t smudge, and are durable.

The machine’s manager, Ron Summer said the printer, which can use six metallic colours and four satin colours, has the ability to print up to 4,000 cases a day.

The printer is able to work with a range of cases – from large sunglass cases, to soft pouches, men’s pocket clip cases and standard spectacle case.

The company is planning to distribute samples of printed cases to every optometry practice in Australia.

“It’s a great opportunity to earn return business as it allowed optoms to “keep their name in the customers’ minds,” Mr. Summer said.