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Saturday / June 22.
HomeminewsWho is Julia Supporting?

Who is Julia Supporting?

With her New Hipster Look?

Julia Gillard announced the date for the 2013 election when she addressed the National Press Club in Canberra yesterday (30 January) and told her audience, “I am determined that we will always do everything to support jobs and growth in our nation, to give individuals and families the best chance to build a life and get ahead”.

The media was abuzz – not just because she had ended speculation over the election so early in the year, but more importantly, because of her new hipster look.

To be honest, she looked amazing – in her funky new Italian Oliver Peoples ‘Ashton’ frames.

According to Mark Reiken from Oliver Peoples, Julia has long required vision assistance and in the past, chosen to wear contact lenses. However now, she has switched to specs in a big way – ordering the same frame style in three different colours from the Melbourne optom to the stars, Eyezone.

Great taste in specs Julia – but as the leader of Australia, don’t you think it would be more supportive for “jobs and growth in our nation” if you were to buy an Australian designed brand?

Australian Made, the lobby group that promotes local product agreed with our sentiment. “Government can play a key role in encouraging the community to invest back into the local economy,” said Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison.