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Sunday / May 26.
HomeminewsCelebrating Orthoptic Awareness Week

Celebrating Orthoptic Awareness Week

Orthoptics Australia says there’s a very high demand for locally trained orthoptists – with high education standards in Australia leading to new graduates readily gaining employment. Orthoptics Australia President Elect Dr. Meri Vukicevic made the comments while launching Orthoptic Awareness Week, which runs from 5–8 March.

“The diversity of orthoptic training makes graduate orthoptists suitable for a wide variety of roles,” Dr. Vukicevic said.

She said orthoptists are snapped up by hospitals, private specialist clinics, low vision agencies, eye research centres and educational institutions.

“There are approximately 600 orthoptists in Australia and the current demand for orthoptists Australia-wide is very high. New graduates are readily gaining employment in a variety of settings,” she said.

While orthoptists continue to practice in eye movement disorders, the scope and practice of orthoptists has evolved and expanded in response to the increasing burden of eye disease, Dr. Vukicevic said.

“Orthoptists have become an integral part of the eye health team, not only involved in traditional orthoptics but also in monitoring eye disease, providing clinical and technical support to ophthalmic surgeons and providing treatment such as prescribing glasses and vision rehabilitation strategies.

“They work in many areas from paediatrics to geriatrics and involved in diverse areas such as general eye disease, neurological impairment, rehabilitation and diagnostic ophthalmic technology such as digital retinal photography and optical coherence tomography.

“Increasingly orthoptists are also engaging in new models of care such as orthoptic led glaucoma monitoring clinics and diabetic retinopathy screening clinics,” Dr. Vukicevic said.

For further information on Orthoptic Awareness Week activities contact Orthoptics Australia: [email protected].