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Monday / May 20.
HomemifashionnewsThe Ancient Dynasty that is Coco Song

The Ancient Dynasty that is Coco Song

Coco Song is an unmistakable name with an unmistakable sound, and it’s become an international cult. Coco, meaning ‘ancient’ joins the name of the Song dynasty, founder of the city of Hong Kong.

The exclusive Coco Song eyewear collection originates from the desire to surprise, with its choice of unusual materials such as feathers, silks, lacquers and flowers encased in the temples. Every component of these frames, down to the finest detail, is hand-made.

The use of Chinese symbols, like dragons and coins, is matched with the language of colours. For example, blue stands for tranquillity, while red stands for joy and love. Oriental influences are also embodied in Coco Song’s trademark, which stands for ‘rebirth’. Many of the symbols adorning the frames signify ‘long life’ and ‘double luck’.

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