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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsEyeplus Group to Change Name

Eyeplus Group to Change Name

Eyeplus Buying Group will change its name and from 1 July 2013, will no longer use the term Eyeplus.

The decision comes in response to a request from Michael Jacobs, CEO of Eyecare Plus, who asserted there was confusion in the marketplace caused by the similarity of the business names Eyecare Plus and Eyeplus.

Eyecare Plus Ltd. was founded in 2000 and has operated in the optometry market continuously since that date. The company owns a number of trademarks related to its business including the words Eyecare Plus.

Intellectual property laws require a trademark owner to “defend” their trademarks or lose their rights to protection. Mr. Jacobs told mivisiont hat Eyecare Plus was pursuing this objective in requesting Eyeplus to change their name.

Eyeplus has yet to advise its new business or trading names.