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Tuesday / May 21.
HomemiproductsNikon Launches Aussie First: Blue Light Blocking Lens

Nikon Launches Aussie First: Blue Light Blocking Lens

Nikon Lenswear has launched an Australian first: an anti-reflective lens coating technology that effectively reduces incoming blue light to eyes: SeeCoat Blue.

Strong blue light, which scatters easily and can reduce contrast and add to eye fatigue, is often emitted from digital screens such as computers, smart phones, tablets and televisions.

The shorter the wavelength, the stronger energy a light wave has, and this may cause eye fatigue. Blue light, which is next to ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic spectrum, has a shorter wavelength than other visible light.

SeeCoat Blue effectively reflects and cuts out 10 per cent (380-500nm) of blue light to the eyes which has higher tendency to disperse amongst the visible light. This reduction of the blue light results in improved screen contrast and more comfortable vision when using digital screens.

SeeCoat Blue maintains all the features of a premium AR coating – anti-scratch, dust repellent, smudge resistant and anti-reflection with the added benefit of reducing blue light – providing patients the best vision when using digital devices.

The coating technology is now in 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74 through your Nikon / Essilor laboratory.

For further information, contact your Nikon and Essilor Account Manager or visit www.nikon-lenswear.com.au