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Monday / July 22.
HomemifeatureFast. Accurate. Intelligent. HOYAlog 6.51

Fast. Accurate. Intelligent. HOYAlog 6.51

HOYAlog is Hoya’s highly efficient and professional online ordering and remote edging system. By using this system, you have direct communication with the HOYA laboratory, and with that, direct ordering access to the company’s complete range of lenses.The system also increases the speed and efficiency of your operation by providing you with up-to-the-minute information on the status of your orders via HOYAlog Track and Trace Utility.

3D Visual Support

HOYAlog runs under Windows, making it extremely easy to use. It is also an ideal support for your sales pitch because it helps you gradually guide your customer to the best lens with the best finish. As you recommend solutions, you can display them in a clear 3D image on your screen. Showing the lens from every angle enables you to compare thickness and weight, and demonstrates the advantages of Hoya’s Minimum Edge Thickness system (METS).

HOYA Tracer System

Connect HOYAlog with the Hoya tracer system to order your edged lenses with the touch of a button. The Hoya tracer system allows you to trace the frame and calculate the exact thickness and weight of each lens. In combination with the Hoya Edged Lens Program (HELP), it guarantees the best possible result, delivering edged lenses to you for easy, hassle-free mounting in store. HOYAlog also incorporates with the METS system, which optimises lens edge thickness and offers the extra thin lenses made, according to the highest quality standards.

In essence, HOYAlog provides your business with an intelligent, hi-tech point of sale tool, leaving you free to spend more time with your patients and less time following up orders!