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Saturday / May 18.
HomeminewsGlaucoma Clinic Opens In Response to OBA Decision

Glaucoma Clinic Opens In Response to OBA Decision

A new clinic has been established in response to the recent decision by the Optometry Board of Australia to allow suitably qualified and equipped optometrists to independently diagnose and treat glaucoma. University of Melbourne Eyecare Glaucoma (UMEG) will serve as a referral centre and teaching resource.

Dr. Graham Lakkis, Lead Optometrist at UMEG, has emphasised the new clinic will provide for the needs of the profession and their patients by enabling accurate assessment using state-of-the-art clinical equipment, and glaucoma treatment protocols consistent with the NHMRC glaucoma guidelines.

According to a release issued by the University of Melbourne, the typical patient referred to UMEG would have a suspicion of glaucoma. After a risk grading and ancillary testing, the best interventional option would be established. In some cases this might be surgery, but for most patients the NHMRC guidelines prefer non-surgical intervention as the initial management strategy. Once treatment is commenced and target IOP achieved, stable cases will be returned to their referring practitioner for ongoing management.

Both Medmont and Humphrey perimeters are available at UMEG so baseline visual field results can be forwarded to the referring practitioner along with other test outcomes in a format compatible with the practitioner’s equipment for identification of early progression. Practitioners can also request guidance and assistance in cases that prove perplexing.

…consultations at UMEG are bulk-billed to Medicare, and a discount of 50 per cent will apply to ancillary testing not covered by Medicare

UMEG will also accept patients for specialised testing alone such as scanning laser polarimetry or pattern ERG. Subspecialty networks are in place for laser or surgery in any patients not stabilised with medical management alone.

All consultations at UMEG are bulk-billed to Medicare, and a discount of 50 per cent will apply to ancillary testing not covered by Medicare.

The new glaucoma assessment and treatment clinic is located at the existing University of Melbourne Eyecare clinic in Swanston St, Parkville. Referrals are now being accepted.Phone (AUS) 03 9347 1714.