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Thursday / July 18.
HomeminewsNew Lens Testing Methodology in Real Life Light

New Lens Testing Methodology in Real Life Light

In response to the increasingly sophisticated technology used to create photochromic lenses, Transitions Optical has launched Life360 – a new product testing methodology for measuring and designing products based on ‘real life’.

Traditionally, lenses have been measured in a lab using an optical bench and artificial light conditions, which are controlled to represent what a wearer is expected to experience.

The company claims that Life360, which has been developed from thousands of measurements taken in hundreds of lighting conditions around the world, will be instrumental in assisting practices to make recommendations.

During live testing, wearers rated their experience with old and new technologies in a blind test to understand and compare the products’ performance in real life. This took place in indoor and outdoor environments and in multiple seasons and locations throughout the world.

“The team took into account many factors including available light, direction of light, lens orientation, UV spectrum, temperature and humidity. They then used numerous wearer positions – facing to and away from the sun, with and without a hat, all across hundreds of different lighting situations,” said Transitions Optical Marketing and Retail Services Manager, Kerry Brock.

Transitions Optical believes this new approach to product development is crucial to producing lenses that provide the optimal balance of all photochromic properties for
all wearers.