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Tuesday / May 24.
HomemiproductsOptelec ClearView+ HD Speech

Optelec ClearView+ HD Speech

The Optelec ClearView+ HD Speech is the latest desktop solution available for people with low vision. It is ideal for people who want a flexible and long term solution for reading that can continue to be used as their needs change. Additionally the Optelec ClearView+ HD Speech is ideal for people with unstable vision.

The Optelec ClearView+ HD Speech combines all the benefits of electronic magnification, such as adjustable magnification and high contrast, and it instantly converts any printed document from text to speech using the 24-inch high-definition touchscreen monitor. This means users can choose to access information in the way they find easiest and most comfortable. Documents can also be saved and photos from a USB drive can be viewed in high definition.

Contact Quantum Reading Learning Vision: (AUS) 02 9479 3100.