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Thursday / May 30.
HomemiproductsCR Surfacing Laboratories: Signature Series MD

CR Surfacing Laboratories: Signature Series MD

CR Surfacing Laboratories has launched its Signature Series MD into the Australian and New Zealand markets. The new Signature MD was two years in development and was tested by over 350 wearers.

Signature Series MD uses pioneering processing technologies and the world’s most advanced and sophisticated calculation program to produce a progressive lens, which, the company
claims, is unequalled for visual performance.

Incorporating Multi Directional calculations and propriety raster surfacing technologies through X, Y and Z co-ordinates, Signature Series MD eliminates peripheral distortion by up to
70 per cent. CR Surfacing Laboratories says this revolutionary new process is unique to the Signature MD and delivers true three-dimensional viewing.

Contact: CR surfacing Laboratories (AUS) 03 9878 7599 or (NZ) 03 366 1801