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Thursday / May 30.
Homeminewsmivision ophthalmic journal: March Out Now

mivision ophthalmic journal: March Out Now

The March issue of mivision ophthalmic journal is out now. In this issue we look into two of the leading causes of irreversible blindness – Glaucoma and Diabetic Eye Disease.

World Glaucoma Week runs from 9 – 15 March. It’s staggering to think that every second person with glaucoma in Australia goes undiagnosed.

Diabetic eye disease is described as a looming health crisis. Predictions are that by 2025 an estimated two million Australians will have the disease. In our lead story, we delve into a report produced by two of Australia’s leading research institutes – CERA and the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

There are two CPD education articles for optometrists to complete in this issue. Our education modules this month focus on new technologies driving eye care management today and are each worth two points.

Since it was launched in July 2011 the mivision independent clinical learning centre has accounted for approximately. 10 per cent of the total CPD points accumulated by Australia’s 4,400 optometrists.1

In the latest report by Audited Media Association of Australia mivision is rated Australia’s No. 1 CAB Audited Optometry and Ophthalmology publication.2

What is CAB?

A CAB audited distribution promotes accountability in publishing. CAB protects advertisers by demonstrating real circulation/distribution figures through audited data. It is extremely important in the publishing industry as some publications promote ‘publisher’s claims’, which are not audited. The CAB brand is known and trusted by advertisers and media buyers.

mivision Communication

Founded in April 2006, mivision has become the key communication portal for ophthalmic professionals who live and work in Australia and New Zealand.

mivision is the only ophthalmic journal written by the professions for the professions. Our regular contributors include Prof. Nathan Efron (Optometrist); Dr. Simon Chen (Ophthalmologist); Dr. Jim Kokkinakis (Optometrist); Dr. Gerard Sutton (Ophthalmologist); Dr. Laura Downie (Optometrist); Dr. Nicole Carnt (Optometrist); Dr. Vicki Evans (Optometrist); Jenny Saunders (Optometrist); Jim Papas (Optometrist); Andrew Hogan (Optometrist); John Lees (Business and Marketing Consultant) and Mark Overton (Business Consultant) as well as the state representatives of the Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) and the Australian Dispensing Opticians Associations (ADOA).

The distribution of mivision ophthalmic journal is restricted to the members of the eye healthcare professions in Australia and New Zealand…

mivision Distribution

The distribution of mivision ophthalmic journal is restricted to the members of the eye healthcare professions in Australia and New Zealand.

mivision is published 11 times a year and is delivered to readers on time, every time, by the first Monday of every month, except January.

The journal is produced by Toma Publishing, which is owned and operated by Todd Tai and Mark Cushway. mivision is independent and has no allegiance to any commercial association, buying group, supplier or wholesaler.

We’re stepping into a busy conference period over the next couple of months. See you at SRC, AVC and RANZCO NSW…

Mark Cushway

1. Source: mivision CMS Dec 13
2. CAB results Sept 2013