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Saturday / July 20.
Homemifashionnews60s Radical with an Attitude that’s all Today

60s Radical with an Attitude that’s all Today

Radical is back with an extended range taking in the mood from the 60s with an attitude of the modern minimalist.

Tomek, who hails from Poland, set himself up in the UK and is now based in Canada, has launched 10 new styles bringing a total of 20 to his complete range.

Multilayered and gradient colour fronts feature within the range as do black fronts with ‘juicy’ orange inside, black with a white/black grid inside, and blue, purple, red, and ‘sunny’ brown. There’s a range of shapes too: rectangular, oval and the ever popular catseye in 55 and 56mm lens widths.

Visit www.radicaleyewear.eu