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Monday / May 20.
HomeminewsRoutine Eye Exam Saves Man’s Life

Routine Eye Exam Saves Man’s Life

A Sydney man may have his optometrist to thank for saving his life, after she took the time to look “deeper” during an eye exam, discovering what eventually was revealed to be a brain tumour.

Margaret Lam, from The Eyecare Company, said the patient had been seeing a physiotherapist for the past six months because of persistent headaches.

Even though a simple answer of +1.00 script was found, Ms. Lam checked his fundus and sent him to the nearby Concord Hospital for a neurology and ophthalmology check-up, suspecting either optic neuritis or a brain tumour.

“He saw me Saturday, went in for urgent surgery and had the brain tumour removed that Monday”

“It makes me happy about what we do and how much deeper we can look,” Ms. Lam said.

The patient recently returned to The Eyecare Company to thank Ms. Lam for being so insistent about the urgency of the situation.