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Thursday / May 30.
HomeminewsNew Website Shines Light on Vision Loss Services

New Website Shines Light on Vision Loss Services

People with vision loss can now tap into a new accessible website to find information on the services and support available to them.

www.visionloss.com.au was designed by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia dedicated to the issue of vision loss.

Featuring sections on different vision conditions, information on local services, links to support groups and industry bodies, and an interactive discussion forum, it aims to provide eyecare professionals, people experiencing vision loss and the public with a single portal of information about eye health and the range of expert services available from optometrists through to the free specialist services provided by organisations like Guide Dogs. Accessible features include the ability to use a screen reader, and options to enlarge text or increase contrasts to make it easier to read.

“In many cases, once a person is diagnosed with a serious vision condition eye-health professionals may be unaware of the rehabilitation services available that can help that person maintain their independence and quality of life,” said Professor Michael Kalloniatis, Director at the Centre for Eye Health in Sydney where the website was launched. “As an optometrist, it’s important I know how to advise patients appropriately and this website fills a gap in providing that information.”