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Monday / May 23.
HomeminewsOptometry Australia New Branding

Optometry Australia New Branding

Optometrists Association Australia has rebranded with a new name, logo and vision.

The national office is now known as Optometry Australia and the state offices as Optometry NSW; Optometry Victoria etc.

Terri Smith, CEO of Optometry Victoria said this is a positive initiative to refocus the Association’s direction.

“By using ‘optometry’ in our name, we are sending a clear signal that we are working on behalf of the sector. Members have told us that the best way to progress the interests of optometrists is to focus our resources and efforts on advancing the profession and we have listened and we are responding,” said Ms. Smith.

“Our logo… is made up of two shapes that symbolise the vital inter-relationship between the organisation and our members and that come together to form an abstract eye.

“We have also developed an aspiration statement to guide how we act, communicate and look. It articulates our identity, beliefs, mission and values and it will provide us with an excellent framework to set our plans and to measure our performance.”

Ms. Smith said more than 260 members from every State division of Optometry Australia worked with the Association over a period of four months to determine the new direction.

Global eyewear giant Luxottica has thrown its weight behind Optometry Australia. In an open letter, published in May, President of Luxottica Asia Pacific, Chris Beer, urged all Luxottica optometrists to maintain membership of the OA “even though we (Luxottica) provide the same, if not more, services, benefits and insurance”.

Mr. Beer described the company’s association with Optometry Australia as a “high trust relationship” and said the OA had helped set and maintain quality standards of eyecare for all Australians.

“It has helped the optometry community grow, develop and prosper in the services and payments they receive through Medicare. It has been a valuable provider of resources, skills, expertise and comprehensive indemnity insurance to its members.”

“It is for this reason that we continue to endorse (OA), and actively encourage all of our optometrists to be members, even though we provide the same, if not more, services, benefits and insurance,” he said


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