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Wednesday / May 22.
HomemifashionRevo Eyewear Reaching for the Stars

Revo Eyewear Reaching for the Stars

The US space program and space travel has changed almost every aspect of the world around us – from LED lights to vehicle tracking devices and surgical implants. Surprising to some may be the fact that space research has also influenced sunglass technology, and in particular, the technology behind US brand, Revo eyewear. mivision spoke to Cliff Robinson, CEO at Revo, about this high performance sunglass brand, which was developed by none other than Dr. Mitchell (Mitch) Ruda – optical system designer, inventor, teacher, astrophysicist, and businessman – who passed away last year in the US at the age of 63. Revo sunglasses incorporate a high-performance space-engineered lens technology, coupled with stylish yet functional design for an active audience.

Tell us about Revo. What makes this brand special?

Revo is a 100 per cent polarised sunglass collection. The brand itself was founded on a passion for technology and style.

It began when Dr. Mitchell Ruda harnessed iridescent coatings invented by NASA to protect satellites, then applied them to technical eyewear.

Our customers are a grass roots passionate movement of people who love the best performance and best technology

Revo lenses were tuned and tested by professionals – Indy Car drivers, ski racers, triathletes, America’s Cup crews and the US Coast Guard. For the first time, a lens was able to provide unmatched acuity, sharper images, greater contrast and total UVA, UVB and UVC protection. It really was revolutionary! Hence the name: Revo stands for Revolutionary.

In the three decades since, other brands have developed their own derivatives of our original performance lenses. Meanwhile Revo is still providing the most advanced lens coatings and frame technology available, fine-tuned for specific activities.

You’ve mentioned that the lens coatings were adapted from space technology – how is it applied to the sunglasses?

Revo has two main types of lenses – Serilium lenses are made from an exclusive lightweight polycarbonate formula that provides superior optics and impact-resistance.

The Crystal lenses are a higher form of scratch-resistant crown glass, ground and polished to about the same standard as a camera lens for the clearest optics available.

Our lens coatings block 100 per cent of harmful UV rays and selectively filter blue light/HEV light to provide maximum protection for the eyes. Mirror coatings are standard – this is the technology used by NASA on space camera lenses, telescopes, for satellite protection and on space walks.

Then there’s Revo’s backside anti-reflective coatings, which eliminate light that can be reflected or bounced off the inside of lenses and back to your eyes. This results in much less eye strain. Revo Surfacepro is a performance coating that repels virtually anything that may come in contact with your Serilium lenses including water, oil, sweat, dirt, dust, ink or even a finger print.

How does a lens manufacturer design a performance sunglass?

The first consideration is obviously UV protection. What separates us from other sunglasses collections is that we also manage the full spectrum of light, including the effects of blue light and HEV light.

Blue light is easily captured by the eye and has a softening effect on the other colours. By reducing blue light, the differences between colours and brightness of objects become more pronounced. Blue light also adversely affects the eye’s ability to focus.

But lenses also need to address High Energy Light (HEV). This light occurs between 355–500nm and has been implicated as a cause of age-related macular degeneration. Revo lenses block all harmful rays between 280 and 400nm, managing HEV light and controlling the critical area of 380–455nm.

To put it simply, Revo lenses manage the full spectrum of light, blocking out the bad and allowing in the good.

Revo makes many different lenses in different tints. Which lenses are suitable for which activities?

Our Blue Water lens is perfect for cutting glare on the water. It provides maximum glare protection and visible clarity.

The Green Water lens enables natural colours to ‘pop’ by cutting through surface glare in medium and low light conditions. Perfect for fishing on lakes and in streams, hiking, golf, trail and mountain biking.

The Graphite lens is really our multi-purpose sunglass – for everything you do.

The Terra lens is designed for on or off trail activity – hiking, trail running, camping etc. – by highlighting the yellow, orange and red bandwidths of the colour spectrum, visual clarity is enhanced.

The final lens category is our Open Road lens. It’s perfect for driving, cycling, golf and running and has a proprietary rose-amber-vermillion blended tint for moderate light transmission and clear visibility during shifting conditions.

Why choose REVO over other brands?

I think this is the core of Revo. Revo has always had a passionate following… people actually choose to wear Revo. Our customers are a grass roots passionate movement of people who love the best performance and best technology.

Do you have a typical customer?

Our typical customer is an active person. Our tagline “A way of life” says it all. Whether driving in the car, sitting on the beach, out fishing, or hiking… they’re looking for a great quality, high performing product for their active lifestyle.

Who are the designers behind the Revo brand and where is Revo made?

There’s no one designer but rather an internal design team and a team of lens consultants that collaborate on every frame. Manufacturing is in Italy and the U.S.

Are Revo lenses Rx-able?

Yes, in most styles. Revo Rx lenses utilise advanced digital lens technology and are available in both single vision and progressives.

REVO: Distributed by Frames Etcetera (AUS) 08 9248 1882