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Tuesday / March 5.
HomemiproductsZeiss: New Digital World Solution

Zeiss: New Digital World Solution

The increasing use of digital devices is challenging the human eye. Digital eye strain symptoms such as irritated eyes, blurred vision, head, neck and back pain are becoming increasingly prevalent. Using digital devices requires constant and rapid switching between near and distance vision. This is demanding on the eye’s ciliary muscle and along with diminishing accommodation capabilities, reduced reading distances and the changing ergonomics of device use, can lead to blurred vision, tired eyes and neck strain.

The Zeiss Digital Lens has been designed for 25 to 45 year olds who may or may not wear spectacles. The extremely large distance zone provides unrestricted vision, free from blur and distortion. A short corridor provides comfortable transition to the ‘digital near zone’ with addition powers from 0.5D to 1.25D. According to Zeiss, this new digital lens helps users of digital devices to have fresh, fit and focused vision all day long.

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