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Thursday / July 18.
Homeminewsmivision Education Record Numbers

mivision Education Record Numbers

mivision has provided more than 18,000 CPD points to optometrists in Australia this year, an increase of 20 per cent on 2013.

The number of optometrists participating in mivision distance learning has also increased – from 986 to 1,218 – with each optometrist completing an average of seven and a half modules and earning 15 points towards their 40 point total.

“I’m pleased that mivision is able to meet a need for part of the ongoing education of optometrists,” said Mark Cushway, editor of mivision. “Over 24 months optometrists are able to earn 56 out of their total of 80 required CPD points from our education centre. This is the maximum points that can be earned through distance learning as you need to earn at least 24 points from face-to face learning.”

In the first two weeks of October a record 1,201 optometrists visited the learning centre, indicating that a large number of optometrists were still working to achieve the required 80 CPD points per 24 months ahead of the 30 November deadline.

Readers Appreciate Variety

“We’re told time and time again by readers that they value the wide variety of topics available in our education centre,” said Mr. Cushway. “We plan topics with our writers at the beginning of the year but also have the flexibility to adjust or add to these during the year. We’re planning to include more therapeutic education next year.

“With more than 800 modules completed, Dr. Nicole Carnt’s therapeutic article on ‘Ocular Redness: A Whistle Stop Tour’ has become our most read education article. There is a clearly a need for optometrists to receive more therapeutic education and it is something we will endeavour to deliver a lot more of next year.”

mivision’s online presence also continues to grow. Page views to mivisionclean2.flywheelsites.com totalled more than 60,000 for the month to 22 October with more than 10,000 unique visitors going to the mivision website over that period.