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Wednesday / May 22.
HomeminewsZeiss Apps Support Digital Lens

Zeiss Apps Support Digital Lens

Zeiss has launched two applications to educate eye care professionals and consumers on the increasing phenomenon of digital eye strain and support Zeiss’ new digital lens. Constantly looking at smartphones, tablets and laptops increases the risk of digital eye strain and the associated musculoskeletal symptoms.

The Zeiss Digital Lens App for eye care professionals will help select suitable patients for the Zeiss Digital Lens. It features an accommodation check in which the patient has to switch constantly between viewing a distant object and the display.

If the test reveals the patient is exposed to a high degree of eye strain, this provides a good starting point to take an in-depth look into that patient’s particular digital visual requirements.

The app also contains an animated video to inform patients about digital eye strain and how digital devices are posing new challenges to the human vision system. This video is provided as a tool to educate patients while they are in the waiting room before their eye test.

The Zeiss Digital Eye Strain Test app is primarily aimed at consumers, and aims to educate people on how eye strain and fatigue can lead to eye irritation, headaches and neck pain.

This version of the app also offers an accommodation check which prompts the user to switch from a smartphone screen to an object approximately six metres away and vice-versa in order to measure the level of strain on their eyes.