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Monday / July 22.
HomeminewsJohn Nicola Runs the Ultra Desert Run 2015

John Nicola Runs the Ultra Desert Run 2015

Call him crazy but once again John Nicola will join Marathon des Sables 2015 (Ultra Desert Run 2015). Known as the MdS, the gruesome journey is a self-supported six-day run over 254km.

Raising Funds for the National Vision Research Institute

Imagine yourself in the Sahara desert with nothing but rolling sand dunes for hundreds of kilometres around. The atmosphere around you is at its peak – 50 degrees centigrade. You can’t feel the sweat dripping down your face because it’s evaporating in the cruel heat. Your lungs feel parched and part of your brain is screaming at you to stop, but your adrenaline keeps you going to reach the finishing line of MdS.

“The sanity drugs have worn off completely and I’m heading back to the Sahara desert to embark on another adventure”, said John Nicola.

John is ready to take on the most intensive training to face what has been called the toughest footrace on earth.

The race requires participants to be self-sufficient…


The race requires participants to be self-sufficient. John will be carrying 10kg of food, personal belongings, cooking tools, sleeping bag and sleeping matt. Gear also includes compulsory medical supplies such as anti-venom kit and aluminum survival sheet for the six-day journey. Only water will be supplied during the event at various checkpoints.

Abouf MdS

Renown for its grueling multi-stage adventure through a formidable landscape in one of the most inhospitable climates – the Sahara desert. Started in 1986, runners from around the world will come together to participate MdS 30th event in April 2015 and help raise funds for a charitable organisation.

About NVRI

The NVRI is a division of the Australian College of Optometry (ACO) and is committed to research to advance the preservation of sight, the prevention of avoidable blindness and improvements in vision care and treatment.

The ACO relies on the generous support of donors to continue its important work and we are extremely grateful to the intrepid John for making this further commitment of support to the NVRI!

Run for a Reason

In association with the National Vision Research Institute (NVRI), John hopes to raise funds for research into vision and it’s disorders.

Supporting the NVRI will fund it’s work in preserving sight and preventing blindness. Visit the NVRI link below to donate to John’s efforts in meeting his fundraising goal.

To donate click here: http://www.nvri.org.au/donate.php

Follow John on Facebook: www.facebook.com/JohnNicolaMDS2015