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Wednesday / February 21.
HomemiproductsMenicon New Soft lenses

Menicon New Soft lenses

Menicon has introduced two new soft lens products in the first quarter of 2015. Miru 1 Month is a silicon hydrogel lens designed as a monthly replacement modality. According to Menicon, this lens has “balanced properties to provide the best possible wearing experience for patients while providing an exceptional level of safety”.

Menicon states that Miru 1 Month has one of the highest levels of oxygen transmissibility available at 161 Dk/t and is available in two base curves of 8.30 and 8.60 and powers from +6.00d to -13.00d.

Also being released is MeniCare Soft, a multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses which is highly compatible with silicone hydrogel lenses. MeniCare Soft has been available in Europe for a number of years and, according to the company, has gained a high level of acceptance among both practitioners and lens wearers.

MeniCare Soft is presented as a two pack containing two x 360ml bottles plus two lens storage cases in each pack. Miru 1 Month and MeniCare soft will be offered to optometrists as a package at an internet fighting price.

Distributed by: Menicon Australia (AUS) 1800 639 879