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Monday / July 15.
HomemiproductsOptrex ActiMist for Dry Eye

Optrex ActiMist for Dry Eye

Australian optometry practices that stock liposomal eye spray Optrex ActiMist have a valuable opportunity to proactively educate and engage people – both current and prospective patients – about dry eye.

Maxwell Webb, optometrist and partner at Baker, Payne and Webb in Port Macquarie, NSW, said his practice has been stocking Optrex ActiMist for approximately six months and in this time, he has found the product popular among customers who struggle using eye drops. “Optrex ActiMist for Dry and Irritated Eyes is the best-selling SKU for our practice. My staff and I usually recommend this product to customers after showing them how the spray works with samples provided by Eyelogic.”

Alan Dras, business development manager at Eyelogic commented; “We have seen a number of optometrists do really well with Optrex ActiMist over the last six months. There has been turnover of up to three dozen every two weeks in some practices.”

Pim Bolyn, Brand Manager for Optrex ActiMist, RB noted that there are factors all year round that may contribute to people experiencing dry and irritated eyes. Approximately 80 per cent of dry eye cases are caused by a disturbance to the lipid layer of the tear film.1 “A convenient and easy way to administer liposomal spray, Optrex ActiMist offers optometrists the opportunity to provide patients with clinically proven relief and overcome many of the pitfalls and common complaints associated with using eye drops.”

RB will again be a sponsor at SRC in 2015. Optometry practices wishing to place orders for Optrex ActiMist product, collateral and/or samples, can call (AUS) 02 9371 8884, use the self-service online portal at www.eyelogic.com.au and visit the Optrex ActiMist SRC trade stand.

For more Optrex product information, visit www.optrex.com.au

1. Dausch D et al. Klin Monatsbl Augenheilkd 2006: 223: 974-983