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Tuesday / March 5.
HomeminewsHoya Campaign to Notice Everything

Hoya Campaign to Notice Everything

Information brochures and sales aids are now available to independent optometry practices that will help them educate patients about lens technology.

Hoya has commenced rolling out the ‘Notice Everything’ campaign, which they say will help their optometrists “take their patients on a journey” as they fi nd out about the choices within the Hoyalux iD Progressives range.

“Lens purchasing is not the most exciting for patients – in fact a lot of patients aren’t aware of the many options available when it comes to choosing lenses,” said Jessie Fong, Marketing and Products Manager at Hoya. “So we’ve come up with a package to help explain the product – in doing so we hope to help optometrists differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

Patient information leafl ets, in-store point of sale, posters and window stickers as well as customisable direct mailers and print ads are available. Additionally, Hoya has created banners for Facebook and websites, a campaign screensaver and video loops. Post sales, optometrists can access aftercare patient leafl ets and access templates to personalise letters.

“We encourage optometrists to touch base with their patients a month or two after delivery of their spectacles to follow up on wearer satisfaction and to remind them of the opportunity to have any adjustments made,” said Ms. Fong.

A consumer competition, launched on 1 April, offers purchasers of Hoyalux iD Progressive lenses the chance to win a AU$.

To order campaign materials, download an Interactive Order Form Here (Save PDF to your desktop).