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Saturday / June 15.
HomemioptometrySupporting the Needs of Optometry

Supporting the Needs of Optometry

Optometry Australia continues to support the individual and practice needs of its members with education, networking and professional services.


Tony Martella

Optometry Western Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the Optometry Western Australia Graduate Group – otherwise known as OWAGG – to support the specific needs of optometry graduates up to five years out of university.

Young optometrists in Western Australia face challenges that are perhaps unique to grads in other parts of Australia in that most have re-located to the State to work and as such, have little or no established network and are unfamiliar with the professional environment and the State itself. OWAGG is led by Kate Hergarty (QUT 2009) and a committee comprising recent graduates. With Kate and her team leading the way, I feel confident that this new group will really help young optometrists in WA with issues such as networking, mentoring support as well as advice on referral pathways, clinical and practical issues.

The first official OWAGG event will take place on Friday 7 August

The first official OWAGG event will take place on Friday 7 August, just ahead of the opening of WAVE 2015 at the Pan Pacific Perth. We’ve planned several sessions from 1pm through to 6pm, including a presentation from Optometry Australia’s resident optometrist Luke Arundel and our national president Kate Gifford. The session will conclude with a social gathering. All interested graduates are welcome to attend.

WAVE 8–9 August 2015
WAVE, Optometry Western Australia’s annual conference, continues to build in popularity thanks to its diverse education program which is designed for optometrists by optometrists. This year we have the perfect balance of seminars and workshops that will ensure delegates leave the event armed with practical knowledge that can be immediately applied as well as insights into treatments and technologies on the horizon.

University of Melbourne’s Professor Algis Vingrys will speak on Unmasking Glaucoma Masquerades – a Simple Approach to Pupil Workups and What it Means as well as A Modern Diagnostic Approach to Managing Age Related Macular Degeneration. Dr. Bang Bui will speak on Understanding Perfusion Pressure in Glaucoma; Reading the Glaucomatous Field and Advances in Visual Fields; and Advances in our Understanding of Diabetic Retinopathy.

Dr. Vignesh Raja, head of department at Sir Charles Gardner Eye Clinic in Western Australia, will speak on Preperimetric Glaucoma, To Treat or Not to Treat; Retinal Vascular Emergencies – Practical Tips; Ocular Emergencies in the Optometry Room.

University of Sydney’s Prof. Fiona Stapleton will speak on Epidemiology – Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye; Management of Contact Lens Related Microbial Keratitis; and Complications of the Eyelids and the Effect of Contact Lens Wear.

Queensland optometrist Dave Foresto will speak on Therapeutic Plan Bs, When Initial Treatments Fail; and
C.S.I. – Ocular Present Actions with Deadly Consequences.

Professor Peter Herse will deliver a day of clinical grand rounds on the Saturday, using optical coherence tomography, slit lamp ophthalmology and fluorescence imaging.

On practice management, Rob Ellis from Provision will speak on how to recruit and retain the right people while Optometry Australia’s Luke Arundel will analyse the data collected since changes to Medicare were introduced since Jan 2015, in the processing arming you with know-how and confidence required to charge a rate that reflects your expertise.

Socialising has always been an important part of WAVE and this year we will once again host the Sundowner – a two our cocktail party commencing straight after the educational program, with entertainment from the jazz inspired Angus Diggs Trio.

Thanks to CR Surfacing for supporting the Sundowner and for continued support as a WAVE sponsor.

To register for WAVE visit: www.optometrists.asn.au/wa/professional-development-events/wave.aspx


Andrew McKinnon

As I’m writing this I’ve just hung up the phone from talking to a member who has received a PI insurance offer from a commercial firm. This is a member of many years’ standing who I know very well who called to talk to me about the offer and his perception of the relative ‘value’ of the insurance offer vs OA membership.

As we talked, we both agreed that there were two completely different concepts at play – the price of the insurance (a single commodity) against the value of membership (a multi-faceted offering which includes insurance). And while the member fully understood the difference, his point was valid – there comes a point where ‘price’ overrides ‘value’. And the further implication was: is the OA approaching that point?

The association in NSW/ACT (and indeed right around the organisation) has recently spent a lot of time and effort looking at what we offer members and how we can do better. We’ve also looked at price, because while ‘value’ is critical, ‘price’ is also very important. What we’re doing is looking very hard at what members truly value from the association – and what they could live without. We’re also redefining how we connect with members – an area of quite apparent weakness in recent times.

In short, if we don’t get better at being your association, you’ll vote with your feet. There’s no point in us complaining about market competition – it’s there and we have to not only deal with it, but beat it. The outcome will be, I’m certain, a more dynamic association that moves closer to you in terms of your individual needs and priorities. A young optometrist recently said to me “we need to make personal contact with members – membership is a personal experience”.

He’s absolutely right.

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