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Friday / July 19.
HomemiproductsYounger Optics Digital Revolution

Younger Optics Digital Revolution

Younger Optics’ Camber lens technology has been developed in partnership with Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT). Camber technology combines complex curves of both surfaces to provide wearers with noticeably increased acuity in all viewing zones, increased reading area and magnification, dramatically reduced oblique astigmatism in all zones, improved cosmetic appearance and is fully individualised.

The key breakthrough recognises the significant impact lens front surface – or base curve – has on visual acuity for wearers. For progressive lens wearers, the base curve particularly influences near and intermediate zones, along with peripheral vision.

Camber lens blanks feature a new front surface innovation known as variable base curve. This patented variable base curve provides the substantial advantages of an optically ideal base curve for all viewing zones.

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