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Sunday / July 14.
Homemiproducts50 Shades of Brown

50 Shades of Brown

Be forewarned… brown tinted lenses are about to reclaim their time in the sun… in Europe, for instance, brown tints are well and truly on the rise in the high fashion stakes. It’s going to be the same this summer in Australia.

And that’s great because brown tinted lenses look great and they’re ideal for both bright and overcast conditions. Brown tints increase contrast and visual acuity, particularly against green and blue backgrounds such as grass and sky. That makes brown tinted lenses perfect for driving, golf, watching sports played on grass, cricket, cycling and water sports. Additionally, brown provides extra definition for wearers aged 60+ whose visual acuity typically diminishes with age.

With the increasing popularity of brown sun lenses, we’re likely to see a similar surge demand for brown photochromic lenses. While traditional photochromics do not work behind car windscreens, Transitions XTRActive do. Transitions XTRActive lenses are the darkest of the everyday adaptive lenses, and for the
first time, they are available in brown.

With the launch of Transitions XTRActive brown lenses, your patients can now experience the benefits of a brown tint in a photochromic lens, whether it’s in the pursuit of fashion or function, or a little of both! Transitions XTRActive Brown is available at Younger Optics.

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